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Netflix Personal Account – Basic

৳ 700


Sorry, this product is not refundable.
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This is a Netflix Personal Account – 1 screen SD basic plan. Free 30 days trial is included for first time purchase. You will receive approx 46 days and 30 days free. In total 76 days watch time for the first-time signup. Afterward, it will be 46 days per renewal for existing Netflix account OR you can place a new order again with a new billing email address to enjoy free trials with 76 days!


  • This only applies to the new account created by us.  This is not shared access but you are free to share/resell.
  • We cannot help you to renew your own existing account if not created from us.
  • We will use your billing email address and random pass to create these. Nobody else will have access to this besides you. 
  • You can change the password of your Netflix after we provide the account. But if you want to renew then pass has to be provided.
  • To renew your own account created by us. Just purchase this again selecting, the old customer option. Free one month trials only applicable for a new order with a new email.
  • An order will be delivered within 24hrs after receiving payment if there’s no problem.


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