PUBG Mobile UC – One Time Purchase Offer

এই ঈদ এ গেম্স্দোকান থেকে ১৭৫০, ৩৫০০, ৭০০০ পাৱজি মোবাইল ইউসি কিনে লুফে নিন ওয়ান টাইম অফার। শুধু মাত্র একটি একাউন্ট এ একবার প্রযোজ্য।



Dear customers,

We are very sorry to let you know that, some random competitor group/team have been so butthurt with our new services and pricing that they did mass report to our more than 5k and 3 years old official page of . which leads our page to be unpublished by Facebook team. We are working hard to bring it back online and provide you help support through messenger. But remember this, Our Facebook page was just only for promoting our business and we do not take any orders from it. All our orders process through the website and it will still do provide the service. We have not blocked anybody from our page. As we have no new page creation plan in mind but we still do have our old facebook group active and you can obviously receive the same level of support from there. You can join our official facebook group from the following link

Show us your kind support and tell them how much you do love us!

Hopefully, we will get back our page one day.

Thank you for your all support
Games Dokan

New Netflix Price Starts From 300Tk!

Good News Folks! 🥳
We have reduced the price for Netflix Shared subscription until further notice. All renewal subscription and an upcoming new order will have this new pricing. Not only that, but we are going to provide official personal account also for Basic & Premium plans only at a much cheaper rate then currently listed. It will be added in this coming week!.
– Thanks for your all support!

Netflix + Account Funds

All type of Netflix subscription users can set up a prepay system for their active Netflix subscription by using games dokan account funds option.  This way you won’t lose your access accidentally. To activate this option – Your first order has to be made from Account Funds. If not, then you can do that by topping up your Wallet before purchasing a new Netflix subscription. You can top up wallet from your my account wallet page.

নেটফ্লিক্স শেয়ার্ড উজার্স দেড় দৃশ্য আকর্ষণ করছি – ০৯ – মার্চ – ২০১৯

০৯ – মার্চ – ২০১৯
নেটফ্লিক্স শেয়ার্ড উজার্স দেড় দৃশ্য আকর্ষণ করছি:
১. নেটফ্লিক্স শেয়ার্ড কাস্টমারস –
যারা ইতিমধ্যে একাউন্ট ফান্ডস অ্যাড করছেন। দয়া করে রিনিউ অর্ডার এর পেমেন্ট একাউন্ট ফান্ড থেকে কন্ফার্ম করবেন আপনার রিনিউ ইমেইল নোটিফিকেশন থেকে। তাহলে অর্ডার ক্যানসেল হবে না। অপশনটি সকাল ৭টা হতে ১০তারিখ সন্ধ্যা ৭টা পর্যন্ত চালু থাকবে। অনেক সময় আছে শান্তি তে নেটফ্লিক্স দেখুন 🙂
২. নেটফ্লিক্স শেয়ার্ড গ্রুপ #১৪ –
আপনাদের দৃষ্টি আকর্ষণ করে বলছি। আপনি নিজ প্রোফাইল ব্যাতিত অন্য কারো প্রোফাইল অ্যাড করবেন না কারণ আপনি সম্পূর্ণ একাউন্ট ক্রয় করেননি! আর নিয়ম অনুসারে নিজের প্রোফাইল দ্বারা একই সময়ে একটি ডিভাইস হতেই দেখবেন। আর আপনার প্রোফাইল আমরা অলরেডি অ্যাড করে রেখেছি। সেটি ব্যবহার করুন।

Netflix Shared – Auto Renewal System Upgraded

[Still in Test]

Users will be notified by active SMS and email used in Games Dokan for Netflix Shared renewal around midnight at 9th 12:01 AM.

Users will have 36hrs to clear renewal payments.

Payment will be accepted from the link provided in renewal notice email from 7 AM.

Make sure to add the full sending mobile number in verification box after payment for confirmation.

All unpaid subscription will be canceled on 10th after 7 PM.


Contest: Post a comment to Win! [ENDED]

— UPDATE: JULY 13th , 3:18 PM.


1) gThunder: [email protected]

2) Maksudul Haque Emon: [email protected]
No Profile Link Provided In Comment. As Per Contest Rule. Disqualify?.

3) Crimson_Red: [email protected]

Offline Activation Service of the following Games:
Rise of Tomb Raider
Just Cause 3
Sherlock Holmes: Devils Daughter

*Winners can select any one of above game for offline activation.

Winners have to contact within next 30 days to receive prize.
Please tag them if you know them.

Congratulation & Happy Gaming! 🙂

People’s who didn’t win this time, please stick with us we might post another contest in no time. And Something Better Prize This Time

— UPDATE: JULY 13th , 12 AM. 

This contest has been end. Winner’s will be announced after 3 PM, Today.

Contest for EID, 🙂

Offline Activation Service of the following Games:
Rise of Tomb Raider
Just Cause 3
Sherlock Holmes: Devils Daughter

Winners can select any one of above game for offline activation.

Total Winner: 3 people

Contest Deadline: July 13th – Tuesday, 12 AM

0. Winner’s will be selected randomly by the contest system.
1. Winners have to post a comment / message with including their facebook profile link at below comment box.
2. Offline activation service prize doesn’t include reactivation limit. We will activate it one time only.
3. Members should post a random comment to win.
4. Members should not post duplicate comments.
5. Applying with multiple accounts is not allowed.

If someone believes that denying above rules will give him chances to win 100% then it is totally wrong.
Someone who will follow that path will lead to getting banned from this contest by contest system.

Winners will be selected  and announced on this page and also in “Gamers of Bangladeshi Group’s” after competition deadline.

Enjoy & Happy Commenting! 🙂

— UPDATE: JULY 13th , 12 AM. 
This contest has been ended. Winner’s will be announced after 3 PM, Today.

Contest Held & Brought to you by
– Gamers of Bangladesh Admin’s