All products showcasing and selling on Games Dokan are 100% genuine virtual products and working.

A) Our Refund Policy:

  • Available Refund Options:
    •  a) Epic Games: If there is a failed payment then refund for failed payment may be done within 10 to 15 business days. We will fix the date after investigating the issue. Failed payment can happen based on user account, profile, epic server lag, server busy, gateway lag. It’s not on our hand. But we think, if user fortnite id has been created after season 5 updates then there is a chance this issue wont be happening. We are not confirmed but we think.*If you receive vbucks for your fail purchase after few hours later from epic and requests refund then your account might gets ban in fortnite. In this case we will not provide any support. So it is always better to wait 5 working days before requesting for refund.
    • b) Cancelled order: Refund will be made to customer account in GD Wallet If fails to provide a mobile number for receiving the refund. Customer can request balance withdrawal from their account.
    • C) License keys: If a user does not receive keys within 24hrs from us then a refund can be issued.

  • 1. There is no refund for a product license key, steam wallet any other services which we have not mentioned in our available refund options list. Once a purchase is done it’s done!
  • 2. Purchasing unused license key or product key and later claiming to be used and not working. Because all of our keys gets checked before sending to customers.
  • 3. Customers can request a refund within 7 days from the date of placing order/payment. If more than 7 days then full refund request won’t be accepted.
  • 4. All paid orders will be marked as completed and as final after 30 days. There’s no objection will be considered.
  • 5. A refund will not be made if the customer’s PC system is not able to run purchased games.
  • 6. A refund will be not made for any “Activated Games/Redeemed Code”.
  • 7. Once a code has been revel from user order page by user. There’s no refund.
  • There is no refund for Netflix services once opted-in.
  • 8. GamesDokan has rights to cancel a user order and initiate a refund if product is out of stock, source discount offer expired and price change.
  • 9. Refund can be requested either via your selected payment method or at your GD Wallet. This amount can be used later for future purchase from GamesDokan only.
  • 10. If customer’s select mobile payment method for a refund then the final amount that will be refunded might be deducted by -5tk or -2% for bKash/Rocket fee based on our system calculation.

B) Our Support Limitation:

  • 1. GamesDokan staff will only help you out with any issues with game license key/purchase/downloading problems/on site pricing mistake.
  • 2. GamesDokan follows a strict time rule and provide support within working hours and sometimes over the working hours as per special request or for any technical difficulties,
    Though we don’t promise to provide support outside of working hours.
  • 3. GamesDokan Staff will provide an approximate time of your selected service and will try their best to provide the service within a given period of time. But there’s no FIXED ETA for when an order would get completed. Every order gets completed on the same day of payment if there’s no issue occurs.Customers are not allowed to force or misbehave with staff members in regarding of late service, no message replies or for any delay’s because we provide not 10 user support but far more than 100 user’s per day. So wait patiently for a response.
  • 4. GamesDokan staff does not provide support for issues related to your PC system, Windows problems, and third-party
    software. It is customer own duty to have your system running fine.
  • 5. GamesDokan staff will not provide support for not able to run games because of third party software or game launcher errors. Do a simple google research with the error code that you have received on google for solutions or asks in our groups if someone else having the same problem as you and does have the solutions.
  • 6. GamesDokan does not provide a TOLL-FREE or FREE CALL number’s, so it will costs you local call charges when you make calls at our support number for assistance and that totally depends on you. We do not dial back missed calls & private SMS. Contact our live Facebook chat if you want’s to create an affordable communication!

C) Customer Service Termination:

  1. Games Dokan has right’s to terminate any customer services if a customer gets found doing the following illegal activities:
    * Reselling services to a different user by purchasing from GamesDokan.
    * Disobeying the terms section (B) Support Limitation.
    * Harassing Games Dokan staff members or making a false accusation.

D) User Data & Privacy:

  • Games Dokan requires customers to input their personal information within the website while making a purchase. This information is required for verifying a purchase and completing an order. Providing future premium support. This information is highly secured within our database and Games Dokan will not abuse them in anyways for third party marketing.
  • After every purchase using account information, its customer sole responsibility to change given information to gamesdokan and reactivate all security in customer gaming platform once a order gets complete. We take no sole responsibility if customer access being breached by sharing his private information by him to anywhere else.
  • Games Dokan Facebook Messanger at is maintained by staff members from Gamers Arena Bangladesh group.

All Purchases are FINAL. If there is any failure from our side to deliver the product as ordered then we will fully refund you. Read (A) Refund Policy for detail information.

* Games Dokan have rights to change or remove any rules and conditions at any time.