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Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

৳ 300

Product description

The Mann Co. Supply Crate Key is a single-use tool item, available through trading or purchase at the Mann Co. Store. Each key can be used once and will open one selected Mann Co. Supply Crate.

To use a key, the player selects the key in their backpack and clicks the ‘Use with…’ button before selecting the crate they wish to be opened. The key can be used with any regular series crate in the player’s backpack, where it is consumed, along with the crate, in the process.

During some special events, specialized keys are made available. These keys can be used with specifically associated series of crates, which regular keys cannot open. Remaining special keys, at the end of promotions, are transformed into regular keys.

Keys cannot be found from random drops and cannot be crafted. Upon purchase, they are untradable for 7 days, provided the user’s first Steam purchase was more than 30 days ago. Otherwise, a 3-day waiting period is imposed. Uncrated items will inherit the trade restrictions of the keys used to open the crate(s).

Players located in Belgium and the Netherlands are not able to open Mann Co. Supply Crates. Attempting to purchase a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key in these countries will display an additional window before checkout, informing the player that the purchased key will be unusable.


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৳ 300

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